Woman having Braces adjusted by orthodontist

What to Expect at Your Orthodontist Appointments

After the orthodontist puts your braces on, he will have you come back for regular appointments to make adjustments. These adjustment appointments are an extremely important part of your orthodontic care—and a very necessary one if you want to correct your smile properly and in a short amount of time. Why Adjustments? During the cell regeneration process, changes in

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Woman sitting in a dentist chair about to get anesthesia

Numb To It: Anesthetics in Dental Care

If you have braces, the discomfort of tooth movement or an archwire that is poking out can be solved with over the counter medication. Even putting the braces and appliances on is not painful. So fortunately, in the practice of orthodontics, anesthetics are not required. However, in getting that beautiful smile and healthy bite, you

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A bluer heart made out of blue toothpaste

Types of Toothpaste

During your time in braces, your and your orthodontist will give your teeth a lot more attention than they typically receive. This is because your regular adjustments are not the only critical part of your orthodontic care. How you clean and care for your teeth at home can play a significant role in achieving your

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Dentist hands working on young teen patient with dental braces.

Should I Visit My Dentist While I Wear Braces?

It is a popular question that arises among new braces-wearers: If I am having regular orthodontic checkups, do I really still need to see the dentist? The answer is yes. While you might think the attention professionals are paying to your teeth is already impressive, you should never skip your regular dental checkups. Your braces

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Smiling face with braces and cleaning appliances

A Guide to Cleaning Teeth with Braces

The importance of caring for your teeth during your time in braces cannot be stressed enough. Keeping your braces clean will minimize your chances of developing unsightly white spots around your brackets, and will reduce the risk of cavities or gum irritation around the teeth that could slow treatment rates. When the orthodontist applies your

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Ceramic self-ligating braces on smiling woman's teeth

What You Need to Know About Self-Ligating Braces

Two of the most common questions orthodontists hear from new patients are about the length of treatment and the comfort level they will experience in braces. The third is how visible will they be. Although highly effective (and usually more cost effective), traditional braces are always the subject of scrutiny when it comes to both

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Invisible Alternatives to Traditional Braces

If the idea of orthodontic treatment makes you feel a little self-conscious, you are not alone. Many patients are concerned about their appearances during orthodontic treatment, especially older teenagers and adults—especially professionals in the public eye. Metal braces are most common due to their efficacy and lower costs. However, if that is what is holding

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