Woman in braces with tongue sticking out

Braces and Your Speech

Getting braces can be a nervous time for both adolescents and adults. It is a journey that starts off with a lot of changes all in a very short amount of time. For one, there is the addition of the braces themselves, which—if they are traditional braces—are usually visible and can make the wearer self

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Young lady drinking a smoothie

Smoothies to Soothe Your Braces

For many people, braces are essential in order to achieve straight teeth and a stunning smile. However, one of braces’ biggest inconveniences is that they limit what you can eat. Chances are the orthodontist has already given you a list of foods that can damage dental appliances. Typically, the week after your braces are put

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Dental Xray being examined

How X-rays Work for Braces

Before the orthodontist puts your braces on, he will want to take X-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth. X-rays are images that a beam of radiation creates when it passes through the body and hits a sensor on the other side. The images cast on digital film allow the orthodontist to view objects that

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Ceramic braces on top teeth with metal braces on bottom teeth

Is There a Best Material For Braces?

If you read our blogs, you will probably notice a pattern forming when it comes to answering “best” questions. With the rapid technological advances and explosion of newer material available to make braces in the last 100 or so years, choosing among the options for braces really comes down to clients’ needs and expectations, as

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