Woman having Braces adjusted by orthodontist

What to Expect at Your Orthodontist Appointments

After the orthodontist puts your braces on, he will have you come back for regular appointments to make adjustments. These adjustment appointments are an extremely important part of your orthodontic care—and a very necessary one if you want to correct your smile properly and in a short amount of time. Why Adjustments? During the cell regeneration process, changes in

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Invisible Alternatives to Traditional Braces

If the idea of orthodontic treatment makes you feel a little self-conscious, you are not alone. Many patients are concerned about their appearances during orthodontic treatment, especially older teenagers and adults—especially professionals in the public eye. Metal braces are most common due to their efficacy and lower costs. However, if that is what is holding

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Dental benefits claim form with glasses and ballpoint pen

Dental Insurance Plans and Your Orthodontic Care

Your experience with getting braces will at some point probably involve navigating the intricacies of dental insurance plans and how they impact your orthodontic care. You may come across clauses like “contains certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, waiting periods, and terms for keeping them in force.” Understanding the basics of dental plans, as well as

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