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Orthodontic Fees

Orthodontic fees vary depending on the complexity of the case and amount of time the patient will be in treatment. Our office will work with you to determine the best payment plan based on your needs. We offer a range of payment options, based on a quick credit approval.

Orthodontic fees generally range between $2,750-$4,630 for a Phase 1 treatment, to $3,760-$6,860 for a two-year comprehensive case (Phase II). It is our policy to provide an exact fee quote at the time of the initial orthodontic consultation. Our fee includes our entire orthodontic program, consisting of diagnostic records, treatment plan, orthodontic appliances, retainers and follow-up visits. Our fee does not include visits to your family dentist or other dental specialist.

What We Need From You

We have made the credit approval process quick and easy. You will need to fill out a short application. After your initial consultation, our office will process your application (providing treatment is indicated). The approval process takes less than 30 minutes.

In fact, to save time, we will be happy to process your application in advance, prior to your initial consultation.

Typical Payment Plan Options

For the purpose of illustration, we assume that the patient will be wearing braces for two years (comprehensive treatment or Phase II) and that the total case fee is $6580.

Option 1:

Pay the total fee and receive a discount of $200

Option 2:

Pay 30% down and the balance over 20 months:
1974 down and 230.30 over 20 months. No interest charge.

Option 3:

Downpayment less than 30% (dependent upon credit approval) and balance over 20 months.

Other credit options may be available through an outside funding source.

Of course, if you have orthodontic insurance coverage, we will gladly add that benefit into the calculation.

How Do I Get Started?

We respect your time! If you are interested in making an appointment, fill out the short form below to schedule your consultation. Once received by our office, one of our new patient coordinators will contact you promptly. If you are interested in a payment plan option, we can also process your credit application at that time.

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