Adult Braces: Is Your Smile Worth It?

If they were good for Tom Cruise to wear on the red carpet in 2002, then adult braces will be good for you no matter where you go. It took Tom Cruise 40 years to get his. Why? you might ask. Vanity perhaps, self-confidence maybe or it could’ve been one of the numerous health benefits. Of course waiting this long also gave him the benefit of technological advancements that kept the focus on his winning smile rather than the teeth under them.

And no, you are never too old for adult braces. No matter what you may think based on the stereotype that the brace experience is the realm of the “tin-grinned” teenager, adults can always benefit from the many advantages of a corrective orthodontic procedure.

Nor do you have to be dissuaded by the stigma that come with braces. There are a range of options (depending on your orthodontic needs) that will help keep your braces anonymous.

Indeed many adults are seeing past the old perceptions. It seems that adult braces are becoming more and more of a phenomenon. Humana has reported that there are in excess of four million brace wearers in the U.S. wear braces, and 1 million of them (25%) are adults.

It is also not entirely true that correcting teeth and jaw alignments is simpler on children than it is on adults. The type of braces is largely the same. Adult braces can, however, be a more time consuming process than it is for children, with the average length worn increasing by anywhere up to two years in older brace wearers.

On the upshot, though, the cost of the procedures remains relatively static no matter the age of the person being fitted with the braces. According to a WebMD article, the average cost adults can expected to pay for braces in the U.S. is $4,800. Of course, this figure is dictated by the region, the doctor and type of braces used (which Orthodontic Associates highlighted in a previous post).

The blogosphere is well stocked with posts that deal with the adult braces experience. Here is an interesting series by Give Me Back My Five Bucks writer Krystal Yee that charts her experience from considering the benefits (both health and cost), to deciding to get braces (and yes, she did get her five bucks back) to noting some of the positives and personal negatives. It is a quick and well-written account of the process and well worth the read.

As always, our team of experts at Orthodontic Associates is ready to answer your questions at any of our 8 convenient Baltimore locations. We hope that this article helps you to make an informed decision and we wish you all the best on your way to your next smile.


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