Getting Braces Shouldn’t Scare You, But These Absolutely Should

As scary as you think your braces might be, they have nothing on the dental mannequins that your orthodontist came face-to-scary face with during his training! How some of these haven’t ended up in a Wes Craven movie is almost as shocking as the models themselves. Putting braces on some of these might actually make them easier to look at!
There are some genuine candidates in here to scare away even the hardiest trick or treater from your door steps this Halloween. Never mind the jack-o-lantern, prop one of these outside your front door and you won’t have to worry about sharing candy this October 31 — or ever again for that matter!

Smiling wide eye-f rubber dental mannequin

Finally, someone that looks like they are excited to be here.

Child Dental Techniques Auxiliary Training Complete Chair or Bench Mount


Dental Care training Mannequin with chair mount

Relax please, sir. We haven’t even started yet.

Dental mannequin with plastic head portion

Robocop is totally into his first orthodontic evaluation.

Dental Training head and magnetic system

Hi doc, can you add some cheeks while you’re there please.

Calendar of dental mannequin family

Counting the days until their orthodontic evaluation.

Dental Mannequin with transparent head

You can almost see what this one is thinking.

Dental Mannequin

Just… Yikes!

dental mannequin rubber head with mocing jaws from the 1950s

This guy’s got a handle on it.

Dental Phantom Steampunk Skull version II

 An updated dental mannequin that real nightmares might well be made of from (museumoddities.com)

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