Incognito Braces: Smiling On The Inside

Orthodontic Lingual BracesIf your orthodontic treatment M.O. is to hide the M.O. of orthodontic treatment, the Incognito™ Hidden Braces are the choice for you. Hidden from plain sight on the lingual (the tongue or back) side of your teeth, this orthodontic treatment can do everything that traditional braces can do without being seen—and often with quicker results, too!

From Molding to Prescription

A mold will be taken of your teeth and used to create a model. This model is then scanned into a computer where your orthodontist will create a tailored prescription to adjust your particular malocclusion or orthodontic issue.


Using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and robotic technologies, and the scanned model (along with the unique prescription and treatment protocol your orthodontist has created), the Incognito lab will fabricate a customized brace for each of your teeth as well as pre-bent archwires.

The Fitting

Once the braces are completed, your orthodontist will inspect the handiwork to make sure they are to the correct specification before fitting them. As putting braces on the backs of teeth is a fairly specialized procedure, not all orthodontists offer the treatment. Make sure that your orthodontist is capable of fitting Incognito braces.

Along with being invisible to the casual observer, the Incognito braces to optimize efficiency and overall results by being tailored to your individualized treatment protocol. As a result of the personalized tooth movement, they can also have a direct result on the projected length of your treatment results and shorten your treatment time. Additionally, they will maximize your comfort.

There is no age limit on who can enjoy the benefits of Incognito Braces. Chances are, that if you are a candidate for conventional (or traditional) braces, then you can get fitted for Incognito braces. But, as with all treatments, you will need to confirm with your orthodontist that this is the right type of treatment for you.

Orthodontic Associates is proud to be able to offer our clients the Incognito Hidden Braces. Choose from any of our 8 convenient Baltimore locations and make an appointment with one of our doctors to see if the Incognito braces treatment is the right choice for you or your family members. We look forward to making you smile!


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