Short Term Braces: Pros and Cons

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What are Short Term Braces?

Like the name suggests, they are braces that are used for a short period of time to align teeth. Short term braces are a fairly recent phenomenon in orthodontics. They are used exclusively to realign the front top and bottom teeth that are most visible when you smile.

Short Term Braces have become popular in dentists’ offices. They don’t require the formal and practical education that orthodontists have to undergo, and they come in prefabricated and pre-assembled kits.

How do they work?

Similar to conventional braces, they rely on brackets and archwires that are attached to the fronts of teeth. However, in short term braces, molds of your teeth are sent off and braces are prepackaged into a custom-molded tray that conforms to your teeth. This tray is then fitted into your mouth and the archwire is adjusted.

Here is a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks to short term braces.


Time Spent in Braces

Perhaps the most attractive feature of short term braces is that it drastically reduces the time that the wearer spends in braces. For conventional braces, the average treatment time is 2 years. With short term braces, the treatment time can be as little as six months.


Although traditional steel braces are most often the types of braces used, ceramics and white braces can be substituted to make the braces less visible for those more self-conscious about wearing braces.


Short term braces are ordinarily less expensive than conventional braces.


Narrow Application

Like the trays (or aligners) used by Invisalign, this procedure is not suited to all candidates. Short term braces are primarily cosmetic, and are aimed at fixing crooked teeth. They will not treat or fix serious malocclusions (bad bites).

Potential Complications

Short term braces are still braces. If problems arise, it might be something outside of your dentist’s capability to effectively diagnose and correct. Similarly with adjustments. A dentist might not be able to accurately assess what adjustments are needed for the most effective alignment.

At Orthodontic Associates, we are committed to accurately assessing every patient’s need to treat it most effectively in the shortest period of time. We use state-of-the-art appliances and cutting-edge techniques. Contact us at any of our nine convenient locations around Baltimore for your free initial consultation, and see how we can help you with your healthy bite and winning smile. We look forward to making you smile!


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