Smoothies to Soothe Your Braces

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For many people, braces are essential in order to achieve straight teeth and a stunning smile. However, one of braces’ biggest inconveniences is that they limit what you can eat. Chances are the orthodontist has already given you a list of foods that can damage dental appliances.

Typically, the week after your braces are put on involves the worst period of discomfort. This post from Super Healthy Kids plans an ideal menu for the first week in braces, and includes the essential smoothie.

Though braces themselves are not painful, a few days of sore teeth and gums often follow each adjustment, and you will probably want to avoid significant chewing. There also will be some points in the treatment process where your mouth might become more uncomfortable.

You don’t have to rely on yogurt and applesauce alone to satisfy your palate. (The initial solution, obviously, is to chow down on plenty of ice cream and cake.)  But for braces-wearers who are health- or calorie-conscious, homemade smoothies can offer a cool, soft and refreshing treat that won’t skimp on the nutrients or pack on the pounds.  

The temperature and texture of a smoothie helps soothe oral discomfort by decreasing swelling and creating a numbing sensation in the gums and teeth.

To make your own smoothies, you will need a high-quality blender. Add the liquid ingredients first (such as milk, water, yogurt or fruit juice). The rule of thumb is 1/4 to 1/3 cup of liquid per each cup of solid ingredients. Add something frozen, whether ice or frozen fruit, and some fresh or canned ingredients. Finally, toss in any extras such as spices, powders or even peanut butter, and blend.

This DAMY Health article offers smoothie recipes that you can mix and match, with a potential for 101 unique concoctions. It suggests selecting one ingredient from each of several categories, including protein, liquid, natural flavors (like cinnamon or ginger), healthy add-ons (like dry oatmeal or coconut oil), and vegetables and fruits. From the Basic Berry, to the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana to a seasonal Pumpkin Spice, you are sure to find something you enjoy.

Modern Mom suggests that not all fruits are appropriate for braces, particularly ones that include small seeds that could lodge in the brackets. However, pureeing your fruits make more options possible. Check out recipes for a cocoa-banana smoothie, healthy fruit smoothie and sunshine smoothie.

Allrecipes.com offers vast options under the popular categories of banana, orange, strawberry, blueberry, veggie and mango.

Our friendly staff at each of Orthodontic Associates’ nine Baltimore locations is happy to answer any questions you have about alleviating discomfort from braces. We strive to make your time in braces as seamless as possible, and look forward to making you smile.


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