Things to Do While You have Braces

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You have braces. And you will most likely have them for one to two years. It probably seems like an eternity and you can’t wait to get them off. But it’s not as bad as you think (or might have read). There are ways to help the time pass and even make it just that little more enjoyable while you wait for your perfect smile.

Record It

With all the technology that is available today, keeping track of your daily or weekly progress is, quite literally, a snap. Take photos with your phone camera or even keep video entries as a reminder of how you felt and how far along you are. There are even smart device apps (which we looked at in a previous post) that allow you to tap into the braces community and keep track of your progress.

As well as being a keepsake and an entertaining reminder for you down the road, it can be a really informative tool for others that are going to get braces. There’s a pretty good chance that one day someone you know will eventually get braces so charting your progress, and your experience is a great way to help those folks see your journey as well as just how much things will change with orthodontic treatment.

A Running List

This is almost the same as keeping an orthodontic diary. Sometimes it can be tough to keep in mind what you have to look forward to, so write down all the things you might have been worried about, as well as all of the things that you will be able to look forward to when your orthodontic appliances are off. Then keep a list (and add to it) of all the places and people that you will be able to confidently flash your perfect teeth and smile.


If you want to take ownership of your braces and individualize your experience, brackets now come in different colors to suit your personal tastes. There are also different colored rubber bands, so to change things up you can try different bands to coordinate with special events, sporting activities or even your dress code d’ jour. Of course, this doesn’t work for some types of braces, but if it does, it can help you to make a statement and keep things fresh.

Smooth it Over

As simple as it sounds, research recipes for smoothies. Or come up with your own. There will be those days when your mouth could use a little soothing, so why not make it a tasty experience? You can look forward to trying a new flavor and add a little chilly refreshment to those days when you and your mouth can use a little boost.

Orthodontic Associates appreciates all facets of braces and orthodontic care. Our friendly staff and experienced doctors use their expertise at any of our nine convenient locations around Baltimore to offer each and every one of our clients the type of service and advice that will help to make their experience as pleasant as possible. We look forward to seeing your smile!




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