Braces? There’s an App for That, Too

With all of the technology that is influencing the look and function of braces, it should come as no surprise that there are now apps that are tailored to the braces experience.

Ranging from fun apps that allow you to add braces to anyone that you have a photo of to an app that allows you to share your experiences within the brace-wearing community and others in between, there are a number of apps dedicated to the orthodontic experience for your smartphone and home computer.


MyBraces App(SFC Design Group/.99) This App is a great way to tap into the braces community. The app is an interactive means to stay in touch with others in the middle of their orthodontic treatments. Offer your advice, share tips, ask questions and share stories. By adding pictures and clicking “compare” you can also track how your teeth have shifted over time. And if you want the world to know, you can post your journal entries on Facebook.

Brace Face

BraceFace App(Black Frog Industries, LLC/$0.99). This app allows you to customize your own smile. It’s a fun way to see what you would look like with braces if you are considering orthodontic work or are about to be fitted. It is also a great way to see what friends, family and pretty much anyone you take a photo of would look like with braces. With the Smile Arc Technology, you can match a variety of different braces to any smile.

Brace Yourself 2

(Fragrance App Limited/Free or $0.99 for Pro version). Similar to MyBraces, you can play orthodontist and put yourself (or anyone else) in braces, and share it on social media.


iBraces App (The Dental Specialists/Free). Not quite as fun as some of the other apps available, but this app is a ready source of useful information for both brace wearers and those considering orthodontic work. Created by orthodontists, the app is chock full of tips and is accessible 24hrs a day. It also houses pictures and videos relating to care and troubleshooting problems for your braces. It even allows you to stay connected to your doctor.

These apps are a fun way to start your orthodontic journey as well as tap into the support of a very large community. The apps might not hold all the answers, so our doctors are ready to help with your questions at any of our 8 convenient locations in Baltimore. Our professionals look forward to providing you with the service, knowledge, and techniques, which ensure that your experience with braces is the most pleasant possible.


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