Are There Support Groups for People with Braces?

Two teenage girls smiling as they point to their braces

Getting braces at any age can feel a little overwhelming and very much a solo expedition. It is always nice to be able to talk to others that are also going through, or already have gone through, the process.

The good news is that with social media and the millions of fellow braces-wearers of all ages out there, you are never more than a few clicks away from support. There are plenty of different forums for people with braces to ask questions or just to share their experiences.

Here are a few online resources to check out.


This popular open-source forum has something for almost everyone. There’s even a subreddit for those wearing braces. This resource allows users to vote on the hottest topics, while still archiving all the others that went before. And with so many redditors using it, the topics stay current and fresh.

The thriving and active community helps to keep threads incredibly well-trafficked, meaning that users answer most questions based on personal experience. You may not even need to ask your question. It might already have been asked for you.


This is a great source for current and future wearers. It allows users to tap into existing, archived discussions or to start one of their own.

The “Metal Mouth message board” covers all things braces and has 13,000 registered users worldwide. It is split into convenient categories that even includes “Parents of Kids in Braces”

And if you are more into reading all about it, there is also a “stories from our readers” section that explores the good, the not-so-good, and getting into and getting out of braces from those that have already been there.

Braces Review

A little more sleek in appearance than Archwired, bracesreview.com has similarly neat and tidy categories that help direct users to the best places to find answers or ask questions.

It boasts some pretty impressive thread and post numbers, and can be a great resource for braces-wearers looking for an honest answer.


For those more into the app side of things, there are a number of smart device applications that allow you track your progress. MyBraces (SFC Design Group/$1.99) is one in particular that allows braces-wearers to track their progress and interact with other app users going through a similar experience. And if sharing on Facebook is your thing, the app allows you to do that, too.

There are other forums and support groups available. You may be using one now or have found others that suit your needs, and we’d love to hear about them—as would your fellow patients. Let us know in the comments section which resource you felt was most helpful.

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