Anatomy of an Orthodontic Associates Consultation

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If you’ve been told that you or a family member can benefit from an orthodontist, you might wonder what your next step is when talking to an orthodontist to see what that treatment involves.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect when you contact Orthodontic Associates for your FREE initial consultation.

Your First Contact

A quick phone call with one New Patient Coordinators will get you started on your way to a new smile and a healthy bite. They will discuss the requirements and ask some questions to get more information on you and your needs.

Once all of this information has been gathered and you decide on a time and date to meet with the doctor, you will be sent an information packet with a quick questionnaire regarding your medical history.

If you set up a consult after hours, fill out our online contact form. The process is streamlined down into a short, six-field form designed to get your information. After you fill the form out and send it away, one of our friendly New Patient Coordinators will contact during regular business hours.

Meet with the Doctor

When you come in for your first appointment, you will meet with your doctor. As well as getting to know him or her, your doctor will discuss your medical history, and your needs. Once you have received an oral examination, your doctor will give you an initial treatment recommendation.

Meet Your Treatment Coordinator

Once your doctor has gone over his recommendations, you will meet with your treatment coordinator. He will review the doctor’s recommendations and give you an EXACT FEE QUOTE.

The fee will not vary and includes all costs up to one year after your braces come off and into the retention phase; but it does not include trips to your dentist for regular checkups or other specialists (if additional services are required).

Wrapping Up Your Initial Consultation

Depending on your decision, should you opt to continue with the treatment, you will have x-rays and, with the most recent addition to our technological family, a 3D picture of your teeth taken with a 3M True Definition Scanner. These will then be used to round out your treatment plan and personalize them to your particular case so that when you come back for your second appointment your treatment is ready to go.

For more information or to set up your free initial consultation with Orthodontic Associates at any of our nine convenient locations around Baltimore, call 410-744-223 or click here and complete the form. Our friendly staff and experienced doctors look forward to making you smile!


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