The Benefit of Orthodontic Treatments

According to a study published by the British Orthodontic Society entitled, The Justification for Orthodontic Treatment, the main aims of orthodontic care are: “to produce a healthy, functional bite, creating greater resistance to disease and improving personal appearance.”

Simply put, orthodontists pay a great deal of attention to your mouth’s overall function and your bite’s alignment to ensure that you have straight teeth and a winning smile.The Benefits of Healthy Teeth

In a previous post we looked at the common orthodontic problems that orthodontists seek to address. After looking at some of the issues that may require orthodontic treatment in a previous post, here is a look the benefits of orthodontic treatments.

Psycho-Social Benefit

The psycho-social benefit of orthodontic treatment and the improvements that orthodontic work make to overall oral appearance cannot be understated—as is evidenced by studies consistently pointing to “oral appearance” being the chief reason orthodontic work is sought out.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are directly impacted at every age group by appearance, with some research suggesting that malocclusions (the positioning of the upper and lower when the jaw is closed) are targeted for ridicule more than any other physical feature amongst children.

Straighter teeth and improved oral appearance can have a marked effect on overall self-perception as well as a significant impact on personal confidence.


Although proper dental hygiene is probably the best solution to preventing tooth decay, decalcification and periodontal disease (regardless of malocclusion), the improved ability to clean teeth in some forms of malocclusion is a benefit of orthodontic treatment.

It also has the benefit of aligning teeth for proper contact across both dental arches, which reduces uneven and excessive wear on some teeth in particular forms of malocclusions. This enhanced tooth functionality also aids in the chewing of food and, as such, digestion.

In some cases there is evidence to suggest that misalignment of the jaw can result in facial or neck or pain as well as headaches. Orthodontic treatment can have a positive impact on this, as well as mouth breathing and improving speech.

Orthodontic treatments can also result in injury reduction, especially in the instance of protruding upper teeth. Repositioning of the teeth can reduce the likelihood that an accident or more robust contact will result in damage to the teeth or mouth.

As part of your first visit with one of our highly trained orthodontic professionals at any of Orthodontic Associates’ 8 convenient Baltimore locations, the benefits of orthodontic treatments pertaining to your particular needs—as well as any questions you might have—are addressed as part of the initial consultation. As always, we wish you all the best on your way to your next smile.


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