Common Incognito™ Hidden Braces FAQs

Incognito Hidden Braces on a young business man

What are Incognito™ Hidden Braces?

Bonded to the back (or lingual) sides of the teeth, they are “hidden” from the public eye. These braces are also custom-designed and tailored to fit on the unique contours on your teeth.

They come in two separate styles. The Traditional Incognito Hidden braces that offer adjustment to all teeth and the Lite Hidden Braces option that adjust the front six teeth—dubbed the “social six”—which are commonly used by wearers who have had previous alignments but whose teeth have shifted later.

Are they really “invisible?”

They don’t possess some cloaking technology, no, but in comparison to traditional braces (even the ceramic ones), they are almost unnoticeable. When wearers speak or smile, they can’t be seen.

Things like yawning or laughing out loud (essentially when your mouth is open as wide as it can be) can make them more visible to someone that might be looking directly into your mouth. But people have to be looking to see them.

Will they speed up my adjustment period?

The customized brackets and robot-molded archwires are suit your individual misalignment means that this type of braces will give you every opportunity to get the best result in the quickest time frame possible. However, you should expect to wear them for the same length of time as traditional braces.

What are they made out of?

They are made from a specialty gold alloy. This material allows for more precision in custom making process so that they will be able to more closely hug the contours of the back of your teeth. Being gold is also helpful for those that might have a nickel allergy.

Will I speak differently?

You will probably be more aware of your speech patterns being different that almost everyone else. Your tongue will adjust to the braces fairly quickly (usually within two weeks). Speaking more slowly and practicing in that time are also helpful tools in speeding up that adjustment period.

Are they painful?

This is a common question and the answer is usually the same—all form of braces, because they involve moving your teeth in your gums, will come with some level of discomfort. The back of tongue closest to the molars might also be a bit tender for a few days. The process of having them applied, however is painless.

Who can wear them?

Boys and girls, men and women of all ages (including Prince William!) wear Incognito braces. As a general rule, they will suit anyone who is a candidate for regular (traditional) braces.

Of course, orthodontists will approach each treatment individually and there are some situations where the Incognito braces are not the best treatment option, but people from all walks of life wear Incognito braces.

Professionals who can be impacted with braces on the labial (front side) of teeth—like athletes, executives, news anchors and actors—benefit from keeping their braces a secret.

What can I eat?

Your orthodontist will have a recommended list of foods that they will give you, but in general soft, non-sticky (or gummy) foods are a good rule to follow. After an adjustment, your teeth might not fully meet, so soft foods that don’t need chewing are helpful.

How much do they cost?

The cost of braces will differ according to particular treatment types (including the appliances used), where you live as well as from orthodontist to orthodontist. With the technology and materials used for Incognito braces as well as the laboratory costs involved, you can expect to pay more for this style of braces.

Not all doctors offer this treatment, so if you feel that Incognito braces is a treatment choice that could be something that you or a family member could benefit from, ensure that your orthodontist has the specialization necessary to fit them. Contact Orthodontic Associates to set up an appointment at any of our nine convenient Baltimore locations to see if you are a candidate for Incognito Hidden Braces.


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