Famous Braces

So here is a quick list of famous braces that stepped onto the biggest stage possible and announced that they were not afraid to be seen enjoying the benefits of braces.

Probably number one on that famous braces list is Tom Cruise. It took this Hollywood veteran 40 years to finally get his perfect smile under-way. Why? you might ask. Vanity perhaps, self-confidence maybe, or it could’ve been one of the numerous health benefits that come along with corrective orthodontic treatment. Regardless, he is one of a growing number of adult celebrities that are now opting for orthodontic treatments.

Of course the newer technological advancements (he opted for the Clarity Advanced Ceramic brackets™) gave him the advantage of having braces that kept the focus on his winning smile rather than the teeth under them.

Ironically, now cast as a vampire in the Twilight series of movies, Dakota Fanning was once a brace-donning child star. Despite the fact that she needed some fairly extensive treatments, it didn’t slow her down, she even had the chutzpah to wear her halo-style head gear to an interview with Jay Leno.

There are even royal famous braces. His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and his older brother William, Duke of Cambridge both wore them. William’s were a little less noticeable, though. He wore lingual braces for several years (and even convinced his new bride—Kate Middleton, now Catherine Duchess of Cambridge—to get fitted, too), while Harry opted for the more “traditional” style of ceramic braces.

And there many other sets of famous braces that you may have seen (or not even noticed). Singer Faith Hill, Khloe Kardashian, Actress Faye Dunaway, American Idol Fantasia Barrino, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, One Direction’s Niall Horan and Miley Cyrus are but a few big named brace wearers.

As you can see from this impressive list of celebs that have proudly shown off their famous grins with all manners of orthodontic braces while out in the public eye, they aren’t something to be ashamed—or afraid—of at any age, or in any situation.

With our friendly and highly trained professionals at any of the 8 convenient locations around Baltimore, Orthodontics Associates has a wide range of options and style of braces available to make your experience as comfortable and as pleasant as possible—no matter which carpet you are on. As always, we look forward to seeing your million-dollar smile!


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