First Orthodontic Appointment? It’s a Breeze!

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The prospect of seeing an orthodontist for your first orthodontic appointment can seem scary for children and adults alike. But just remember, as scary as it might seem, it is just as exciting. This is your first step to a beautiful smile and a healthier mouth. So what can you expect during your first orthodontic appointment?


It’s always good to get to know the person that you could be spending the next two years of your life seeing on a fairly regular basis.

You will meet with an highly trained orthodontist who will take the time to get to know you as well help orient and guide you through the process. They will listen to your concerns as well as address your expectations from the treatment. It is a great time to ask those questions you have researched before you came in.


Much like seeing any other medical professional, your orthodontist will perform a careful examination of your teeth and jaw. Ordinarily this will involve snapping photos of your teeth, taking an X-ray (not to worry, it’s a lot smaller than the ones at other medical facilities!), and taking a mold of your teeth. Again, there’s no need for concern. The mold is a simple process where you bite down into tray and a model is created from that impression.

Your orthodontist will also ask questions like “does your jaw pop when you eat?” and “is it difficult to chew or swallow?” Being as thorough as possible helps your orthodontist to get the best understanding of any underlying issues as well as form a complete diagnosis to help in creating your best possible treatment plan.


Not every consultation or examination is followed with an immediate treatment plan. In some instances, your orthodontist will simply advise that the patient wait and to come back for another examination down the road (at Orthodontic Associates, patients are put in a “recall system”).

If your orthodontist feels that treatment should begin, he or she will then discuss all the particulars of the proposed treatment. This will include:

In some instances, you can meet with a financial coordinator at the office after the initial visit to discuss cost and options.

To make your first orthodontic appointment as convenient as possible, Orthodontic Associates offers patients access to nine locations around Baltimore. Choose from Catonsville, Owings Mills, Glen Burnie, Severna Park, Bel Air, Fullerton, Columbia, Bowie, and Laurel. As always, we look forward to seeing you smile!


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