A Healthy Smile Means a Healthy Mouth

The desire to be able to flash a winsome and confident smile is often enough to merit a call to an orthodontist’s office for a consultation. But the potential health benefits of braces should not be overlooked.

Along with the perfect smile, straight teeth are easier to care for.

The American Dental Association states that correcting malocclusions (the collective term for misalignments) can result in better overall oral health. Reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease are some of the most commonly quoted health benefits of braces.

Even with diligent hygiene, crooked and crowded teeth can be difficult to clean properly. The long-term effects of this are tooth decay (potential leading to tooth loss) and gingival (gum) disease.

With proper alignment, gums can then create a closer fit around the teeth, thereby minimizing the potential for the onset of gum disease. It can also lessen the likelihood of damage, recession and thinning of bone in some extreme cases.

Drawing of an overbite and underbiteCorrecting the mechanics and improving how your teeth work is another potential health benefit of braces.

By correcting issues like overbites, underbites, openbites and crowding to create a proper contact across the dental arches, the potential for increased wear on the tooth enamel is lessened. Healthier enamel leads to healthier teeth.

Proper alignment can increase teeth functionality to aid proper in the chewing process. Openbites, crossbites and overjets can cause an improper bite and diminished chewing capabilities. This then impacts how and how well food is bitten and chewed which could be a cause of poor digestion and eventually gastrointestinal problems.

By influencing jaw development in a positive manner, there is the possibility to develop jaw structure that lessens the potential for misalignments, which studies indicate may be cause of headaches and jaw pain as well as mouth breathing and reduced breathing capacity.

Not a direct health benefit of braces (but one nonetheless) is helping to correct speech impairments or improve speech development. Different malocclusions (overjets and underbites) can result in impaired tongue tip articulation as well as the lips not approximating (or meeting directly), which then influences speech patterns.

Orthodontic Associates is always available to make your smile our top priority, no matter which benefit has influenced your decision to consult an orthodontist. Whether it is advice in a consultation or convenient, friendly services, you will receive the full benefit of our experience, state-of-the-art appliances and revolutionary services at any of our 8 convenient locations in Baltimore.


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