The Cost of Braces: What Should You Expect to Spend

One of the major considerations for many that are looking to get braces, is the financial outlay. There is evidence that suggests the benefits of orthodontic work goes beyond aesthetics and into the realm of improving health. Even so, the first question is often: how much?

The cost of braces can vary significantly depending on the doctor, the type and the region. The website embraceit.com offers a handy guide to the approximate costs, and a good insight into what you should expect and questions to ask when you do contact your provider. Coverage, the amount or percentage (usually anywhere from 25-50%), as well as who is covered, can also be different depending on provider. Most providers won’t cover adults (over 18 years of age) and if they do, the amount can vary still.

Some dental insurance providers cover orthodontic work, but not all providers are created equal. Checking with your provider is always a good first step. Another potential option in looking to cover the cost of braces—if it one that is available to you—is to pay for treatments through your pre-tax dollars in a flexible spending account or health savings account.

At Orthodontic Associates, the cost of braces generally ranges between $1475-$3160 (Phase I treatment) and $4780-$5560 for a two-year comprehensive case (Phase II)—which is comparable to the national average according to website thenest.com.

A New York Times article, How to Plan For and Handle the Cost of Braces, offers some helpful insights, as well as some expert tips as to how to make the preparations leading up to a life with braces. The payment plan, which is one of the options discussed in the article, is one that our offices do offer. In fact, we offer three.

Another of the author’s suggestions is to beware of the unexpected expense when computing the cost of braces. Our policy at Orthodontic Associates is to provide an exact fee quote at the time of the initial orthodontic consultation which includes our entire orthodontic program, consisting of diagnostic records, treatment plan, orthodontic appliances, retainers and follow-up visits.

The cost of braces, even though it can lead to increased self-confidence and associated health benefits, can still give room for pause. We hope that this article helps you to make an informed decision for your family or yourself, and we wish you all the best on your way to your next smile.


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