SureSmile: The Advantages of Orthodontic Technology

As technology has marched on, so has the ability to offer a perfect smile and better oral health. SureSmile® is one of those advancements. Advanced imaging, prescriptive planning and robot-crafted accuracy work together for smoother and quicker adjustment. The Technology Aided by an OraScanner or Cone Beam Computed Tomography, orthodontists can create a 3-D computer

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Incognito Braces: Smiling On The Inside

If your orthodontic treatment M.O. is to hide the M.O. of orthodontic treatment, the Incognito™ Hidden Braces are the choice for you. Hidden from plain sight on the lingual (the tongue or back) side of your teeth, this orthodontic treatment can do everything that traditional braces can do without being seen—and often with quicker results,

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Common Orthodontic Problems

Straightening teeth is only one of the common orthodontic problems that orthodontists face. It’s not all about pearly whites, straight teeth, and winsome smiles in the orthodontic world, although those are added results from completing an orthodontic procedure. There are a host of common orthodontic problems resulting from misalignments between the top and bottom jaw

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Types of Braces: Part II

Advancements in technology (like computer-generated images and scans) have helped tremendously in the evolution of different types of braces available and how they are fitted. Braces have rapidly adapted to suit not only the cosmetic needs, but also to address a variety of alignment issue. In a recent post, Orthodontic Associates looked at two of

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Types of Braces: Part I

Believe it or not, different types of braces have existed since the Pharaohs ruled Egypt. Some of the mummies that have been uncovered have catgut wrapped around teeth to close gaps. The pre-Roman Etruscans used gold dental bridges to give their deceased better-looking smiles heading into the afterlife. Obviously with the advancements in both materials

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